Tutor for OS X Yosemite

Tutor for OS X Yosemite – Free is Now Available in the Mac App Store

Tutor for OS X Yosemite

We are happy to announce that our tutorial Tutor for OS X Yosemite – Free is now available in the Mac App Store! This is a free to download and includes 10 free videos. If you like what you see you can purchase all the lessons with an in-app purchase.

Free videos include:

  • OS X Terminology
  • OS X Folder Hierarchy
  • Introduction to the Finder
  • Working with the Dock
  • Working with the Menu Bar
  • Application Folder and Launchpad
  • Saving and Autosaving
  • Backing Up with Time Machine

Download it today and start learning more about OS X Yosemite on your Mac!

Dan Wassink

We now have over 1,000 lessons available!

Tutorials for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone

I am excited to announce there are now over 1,000 lessons available on NoteboomTutorials.com! Looking back, I never thought I’d record that many training lessons on how to use the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. But, as I continued to receive positive feedback from the people the tutorials have helped, I was encouraged to keep recording! That was always my end goal — to help people better use their Apple computers and devices. The feedback I receive on a regular basis affirms that I am achieving this goal… and now I can say there are over 1,000 lessons available… with more to come! Thanks!

Would you like to join our Premium Membership and gain instant access to all the tutorials and lessons? We are offering a 25% discount on your first payment for our membership plans through the end of this week. Just use the following links and save 25% on your first payment!

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Thanks again!
– Dan

Tutor for Mail for iPhone

Tutor for Mail for iPhone now Available

Tutor for Mail for iPhone

With our Tutor for Mail for iPhone, our training videos will help you learn more about Mail on your iPhone. We cover all the basics plus more in our video lessons. Lessons include looking at account options, reading and marking messages, flagging messages, and creating mailboxes. We also look at how you can change what mailboxes show on your iPhone including smart mailboxes like Unread and Today. Do you create drafts for messages? If you do, you won’t want to miss the lesson on how you can quickly move a draft away and access your saved drafts. If you use Mail on the iPhone, Tutor for Mail for iPhone will help you get the most out of Mail.

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Tutor for Safari for iPhone

Tutor for Safari for the iPhone now available in the App Store!

Tutor for Safari for iPhone

With our tutorial on the Safari on the iPhone, our training videos will help you learn more about Safari for the iPhone. This tutorial includes 13 lessons on Safari on the iPhone including browsing and searching, viewing history, viewing and editing bookmarks, viewing webpages in a reader, keeping a reading list, and customizing Safari. If you use Safari on your iPhone to browse the web, make sure you are getting the most out of Apple’s browser with Tutor for Safari for iPhone!

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Tutor for OS X Pages

Tutor Tip: Customizing the Toolbar in Pages


In this Tutor Tip we look at how we can customize the toolbar in Pages for the Mac including how you can add and delete different tools that are shown in the toolbar. Maybe you work with images and you’d like to have easy access to layering, grouping, masking, and instant alpha. when you customize the toolbar, you can add these tools to the toolbar of Pages.

Check out how you customize the toolbar in the Tutor Tip from Tutor for OS X Pages.