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New Tutor Tip: Show Hidden Events in the Calendar app

Tutor Tip: Show Hidden Events in the Calendar App
Have you ever entered an event in your calendar on your iPad or iPhone and once you tap on Add it disappears? In these Tutor Tips we look at how this can happen after adding an event. In most cases this is because the event was added to a hidden calendar. We have it for both the iPad and the iPhone. We hope it helps!

Tutor Tips for iPad: Showing hidden events in the Calendar app

Tutor Tips for iPhone: Showing hidden events in the Calendar app

Tutor for watchOS 3

Tutor for watchOS 3 now available

Tutor for watchOS 3
We are happy to announce our getting started tutorial for watchOS 3 on the Apple Watch is now available. Designed for the beginner user but not limited to first time users, you will learn how to get more out of the Apple Watch. We cover everything from getting around the Apple Watch with gestures, to accessing and rearranging the Apps on the Apple Watch, to looking at various settings using the Watch App on the iPhone, to measuring your activity and working out with the Apple Watch. If you are new to the Apple Watch or even an intermediate user of the Apple Watch, we can help you get more out of your Apple Watch with Tutor for watchOS 3 on the Apple Watch.

Take me to the tutorial.

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MacBook Pro with Touch Bar review: Keyboard chameleon

Curious on what the Touch Bar is all about and how it works? Check out Jason Snell’s review of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar on his site Six Colors.

He also created a great video showing how it works. Highly recommended to watch if you want to see the Touch Bar in action.

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Jimmy Lovine Is Officiating a Marriage of Tech and the Arts

Hannah Karp from the Wall Street Journal has a nice short interview with Jimmy Lovine.

We were trying to hire people for Beats, and it became apparent that there was a big hole when it comes to merging the arts, business and technology. When you go to college, one side of your brain usually gets shut off. Dre and I talked about it a lot. We thought what was needed was an undergraduate program that prized arts and culture and also demanded a strong ability in math, science and technology—a program where both sides of the brain are nurtured equally.

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Does the Mac still matter?

Does the Mac still matter?

Shara Tibken and Connie Guglielmo of cnet got an exclusive interview earlier this week with Apple. It’s an interesting read.

“The calendar isn’t what drives any of the decisions,” Schiller says in a 90-minute briefing at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. “We challenge the teams to do great work and sometimes that great work can be done in one year, sometimes it takes three years… What we really care about is creating new innovations in the Mac and continuing the story that has really defined Apple for so many years.”

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What’s New in iOS 10 on the iPad now available

Tutor for iOS 10 on the iPad

I am happy to announce that my tutorial on What’s New in iOS 10 on the iPad is now available! This all new tutorial includes 24 video lessons on iOS 10 on the iPad. Lessons cover the new features in Messages including how we can send reactions and full-screen effects with messages. The tutorial also covers new features in Photos including how we can view our photos in Memories and markup photos. It also looks at how to remove Apple apps, control our HomeKit devices with the new Home app, use one-tap filtering in Mail, as well as other iOS 10 features introduced on the iPad. Almost 2 hours of training and help for iOS 10 on the iPad.

Take a look at the lessons included in What’s New in iOS 10 on the iPad.

What's New in macOS Sierra

New Tutorial: What’s New in macOS Sierra

What's New in macOS Sierra

I’m excited to share the news that I have my tutorial on What’s New in macOS Sierra available! This tutorial covers major features of macOS Sierra including Siri on the Mac, new features in Photos including Memories and Places, opening documents in Tabs, optimizing your hard drive, using one-click filtering in Mail, sharing your desktop and documents using iCloud, and using Picture in Picture. The tutorial also covers some minor features as well including rearranging third party menu items, keeping folders on top when sorting by name in the Finder, and  selecting an output device from your volume control in the menu bar. If you are thinking of upgrading to macOS Sierra, we’ll show you what’s new in our latest tutorial.

View which lessons are included with What’s New in macOS Sierra.

Watch these videos today with our Premium Membership – you can save 50% off our standard rate and join for only $39 a year! That’s equivalent to only $3.25 a month! This offer includes our 14-day free trial! Start your free trial today and see if our tutorials are a good fit for you!
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iPhone 7 Camera Review: Rwanda

A great review by Austin Mann showing what the iPhone 7 camera can do. Make sure you watch the video too. These are great!

So this year, in collaboration with Nat Geo Travel + Nat Geo Adventure and the amazing team at Ker & Downey operating our tour, we’ve set out to get you the answers. I’m writing from deep in the Nyungwe rain forest in southwest Rwanda. We’ve been tracking gorillas in the north, boating Lake Kivu in the west, and running through tea plantations in the south — all with the iPhone 7 Plus in hand.

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iPhone User Guide for iOS 10

Apple released an iPhone User Guide for iOS 10 as an iBook. You can download it for free. It’s 322 pages and it covers most everything you need to know about the iPhone and iOS 10. Of course, if you like video tutorials we have nearly 200 video lessons on the iPhone that cover most of the major features and a lot of the minor features as well. You can watch our video tutorials and use the iPhone User Guide for reference. It’s the best of both worlds and you’ll learn everything you need to know about your iPone and iOS 10.

What's new in iOS 10 on the iPhone

What’s new in iOS 10 on the iPhone

What's new in iOS 10 on the iPhone.

Learn what’s new with iOS 10 on the iPhone with our tutorial. This tutorial include 28 video lessons on iOS 10 on the iPhone. Lessons cover how we can interact with notifications, control HomeKit accessories through the Control Center, send reactions and full-screen effects with messages, view our photos in Memories and markup photos, remove Apple apps, control our HomeKit devices with the new Home app, and set a bedtime alarm. Nearly 2 hours of training and help for iOS 10 on the iPhone.

Take me to the tutorial.

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iPhone 7 at the US Open

More great photos taken with the iPhone 7+, taken by Landen Nordeman at ESPN .

With a new two-camera system, the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus is billed as being the most advanced in the world of cellphones. We put it to the test at the US Open, exploring the event in a whole new way.

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iPhone 7 Plus Photos from the Titans-Vikings Game

Sports Illustrated photographer David E. Klutho took photos with the new iPhone 7 Plus camera at the Titans-Vikings game. 

On Wednesday, Apple unveiled the brand new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, both of which feature an entirely new camera system. Now some of the first photos taken by the new iPhone 7 Plus camera are being unveiled exclusively on On Sunday, Sports Illustrated photographer David E. Klutho took photos with the new iPhone 7 Plus camera at the Titans-Vikings game. The iPhone 7 Plus has a 12–megapixel telephoto camera that offers new zooming capabilities. Each new model also features a wider aperture and a lens that allows the camera to capture brighter and more vibrant colors in photos and videos. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available in stores in 25 countries on Friday, Sept. 16.

I think I made the right decision by going with the 7+. See more photos at 

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With the iPhone 7, Apple changed the camera industry forever

I found this article very interesting from Om Malik and the New Yorker.

Camera companies, like traditional phone manufacturers, dismissed the iPhone as a toy when it launched, in 2007. Nokia thought that the iPhone used inferior technology; the camera makers thought that it took lousy pictures. Neither thought that they had anything to worry about. Of course, neither anticipated the value of having a computer in your pocket, and what the camera folks, especially, didn’t anticipate was that, as the photographer Chase Jarvis puts it, the best camera is the one that’s with you.

This is terrible news for companies making compact cameras—Olympus and Nikon’s compact-camera sales in the most recent quarter had already nosedived by twenty-five per cent and forty-five per cent, respectively. The new iPhone 7 Plus drives a stake through the heart of these mass-market devices.

My take is that camera companies are facing a challenge, a challenge of survival due to the iPhone. In the long term I think it may be good for professional photographers though. They are facing fierce competition from consumers who have DSLRs. As fewer people buy these DSLRs and use a smartphone, this will lead to less competition for the professionals. This is good for the art of photography. The camera companies will have to change though. They will have to focus on professional photographers and not consumers. This will be hard and the question is can they do this. Time will tell.

I personally ordered the iPhone 7+ for the camera. I’m not sold on the size, but the camera – I want it. I talked with a friend who is a professional photographer and we thought it’d be interesting to go out and see how the iPhone 7+ compares to his professional equipment. We already know who’s going to win – he will. But it’ll be interesting to see how the iPhone compares. I may have to create a post about it. 🙂

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Inside iPhone 7: Why Apple Killed The Headphone Jack

There is a lot of controversy on Apple removing the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. John Paczkowski from Buzzfeed has the lowdown on why it was removed.

A tentpole feature of the new iPhones are improved camera systems that are larger than the cameras in the devices that preceded them. The iPhone 7 now has the optical image stabilization feature previously reserved for its larger Plus siblings. And the iPhone 7 Plus has two complete camera systems side by side — one with a fixed wide-angle lens, the other with a 2x zoom telephoto lens. At the top of both devices is something called the “driver ledge” — a small printed circuit board that drives the iPhone’s display and its backlight. Historically, Apple placed it there to accommodate improvements in battery capacity, where it was out of the way. But according to Riccio, the driver ledge interfered with the iPhone 7 line’s new larger camera systems, so Apple moved the ledge lower in both devices. But there, it interfered with other components, particularly the audio jack.

Second, there was an unforeseen opportunity to increase battery life. So the battery in the iPhone 7 is 14% bigger than the one in its predecessor, and in the iPhone 7 Plus, it’s 5% bigger. In terms of real-world performance gains, that’s about an additional two hours and one hour, respectively. Not bad.

Even better, removing the audio jack also eliminated a key point of ingress that Riccio says helped the new iPhone finally meet the IP7 water resistance spec Apple has been after for years (resistant when immersed under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes).

I personally am mixed. I’m willing to give up on the headphone jack. The headphones I use 99% of the time are the Apple EarPods. Saying that, the removal of the headphone jack could lead to minor issues in how I use the iPhone. There are times I like to listen to Apple Music in my car. Unfortunately my car does not always want to listen to my iPhone. For some reason the audio will not play through bluetooth or through the Lightning cable via USB. When it does this, I just plug an audio cable into the headphone jack and connect it to the auxiliary jack on my car. I also keep my iPhone plugged into my car via the Lightning cable to keep it charged. It’s not pretty, two cables plugged into my car and iPhone, but it works every time. Audio through one, power through the other. Unfortunately with the iPhone 7, I will no longer be able to do this. It’s one or the other. Let’s hope my car likes the iPhone 7 better than my iPhone 6!

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Don’t Blink

Apple created a short 2 minute video on what was introduced yesterday including the new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2. You really don’t want to blink while watching this.