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  • Tutor for Clock for the iPad

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    The Clock app on the iPad offers more than just telling the time and setting alarms. In this tutorial we look at the features the Clock app offers on the iPad. These features include viewing times and how far ahead or behind a city is in time compared to where you are, adding and modifying […]

  • Tutor for Stocks on the iPad

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    Learn about the Stocks app on the iPad with iOS 12 with our Tutor for Stocks Tutorial With the Stocks app, we can watch our favorite stocks, view the most recent news on our stocks, and even view our stocks using the Today view on the iPad. In this tutorial, we look at the major […]

  • Tutor for News for the iPad

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    If you are new to the News app on the iPad or you get the latest news from the News app, you’ll want to take a look at Tutor for News for the iPad. With the News app, you can follow your favorite news sources and topics, receive alerts from specific news sources, and love stories to see more stories like the ones you love or dislike stories to see fewer. You can also save stories or article to view later and view your history. We go over all the features and more in Tutor for News for the iPad.

  • Tutor for iCloud for iPad

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    In this tutorial we look at iCloud on the iPad. We start out by discussing what is iCloud and then we go to setting up iCloud on your iPad. From there we look at the various services iCloud has to offer in detail including sharing photos, sharing files, sharing notes, sharing calendars, family sharing, and […]