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  • Tutor for Notes for the Mac

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    In this tutorial we look at the Notes app on the Mac. We cover everything from how to get around the app, changing the Notes preferences, using Siri to create notes, floating a note window, pinning notes to the top of your notes list, inserting images and maps, creating links, browsing your attachments, locking a […]

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  • Tutor for Reminders for the Mac

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    Learn all about using Reminders on the Mac with Tutor for Reminders. This relatively short tutorial is just over 30 minutes and covers everything you need to get the most out of Reminders including the different ways to create reminders, viewing completed reminders, managing lists, setting priorities, setting when and where you want to be reminded, using Siri to create reminders, creating reminders from other apps , and sharing reminders lists. Get the most out of the Reminders app on your Mac with Tutor for Reminders.

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  • Tutor for Stickies on the Mac

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    Did you know your Mac comes with an app that lets you take notes as sticky notes? With these Stickies we can format the text, add images, and add links. We can also change the color of a Stickies Note as well as make it translucent and have it float above all your other windows. […]