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  • What's New in macOS Mojave

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    Learn what’s new is macOS Mojave with What’s New in macOS Mojave. I take a look at the major new features in macOS Mojave as well as some of the smaller features.

  • Tutor for macOS Mojave

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    Tutor for macOS Mojave

    Learn how to get the most our of macOS Mojave, the latest operating system for your Mac. I’ll guide you through macOS Mojave with more than 80 video tutorials and more than 8 hours of video instruction. I begin by showing you the basics of getting around the Mac. I then cover features of the Mac […]

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  • What's New in macOS High Sierra

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    In this tutorial we look at what’s new in macOS High Sierra. Apple didn’t add a lot of features to this update, but they did make some under the hood changes including changes that could possibly make your computer faster and save space. The features they did add are more app specific and we’ll look […]

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  • Tutor for MacOS Sierra and High Sierra

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    Are you wanting to learn more about how to use your Mac? We can help with Tutor for macOS Sierra and High Sierra. Lessons include the basics of the Mac, setting up the default behaviors of your Mac with the System Preferences, installing and deleting apps, grouping documents into folders, and more. If you need […]

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  • What's New in macOS Sierra

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    Apple changed more than the name in macOS Sierra, they also added a number of new features including a new look for the notification center and today view, keeping folders on top when sorting, sharing your Desktop and Documents folder with other Macs and iOS Devices, tools for optimizing your hard Drive, the ability to […]