How to Create a Custom Vibration in an Alarm

Did you know you could create a custom vibration for an alarm on your iPhone? Why would you want to do this? Let’s say you created an alarm for dinner tonight. When that alarm goes off, you would pull out your phone to see what it is for. If you set a custom vibration for that alarm, you’d know what the alarm is for just by the vibration pattern. You wouldn’t even have to pull out your phone to see what it is for. How do you do this? It’s pretty easy. Open the Clock app and when you create an alarm, select Sound and then Vibration. You’ll see an option for Create New Vibration. From there just tap the vibration you want, and that will be your new vibration for that specific alarm.

Open Clock app>Set an alarm>Sound>Vibrations>Create New Vibration

If you want to see how you do this with a video instruction, check out my tutorial on the Clock app. There’s more to the Clock app than just telling time and setting alarms.


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