How to Forget a Network on the iPad

Forget network ipad

When you connect your iPad (and iPhone) to a wi-fi network, your iPad will remember that network and connect to it in the future if it is available. It’s a great feature that most people don’t think about, and why should you? Well, wonder if you connect to the wrong network and now the iPad connects to that wrong network every time? Or you connect to one network and there is a faster network you can connect to in the same area. Wouldn’t you want it to connect to this faster network from now on? This happened to me when I connected to a local brewery’s network and then I went to the restaurant next door. The restaurant has a faster network, so I wanted my device to connect to that network from now on.

How do you fix this? By Forgetting the Network. Just go to the Settings app and tap on Wi-Fi. Tap on ‘i’ to the left of the network you no longer want to connect to and you’ll have an option to ‘Forget This Network’. Tap on that and you’ll be able to select the network you want to connect to. The next time you are in the same area or place, your iPad will connect back up to the correct network. If you want to connect to the other network, you can do that too.

This tip is also is a great troubleshooting solution for a network that you may be having a problem with. Forget it and then connect back up to it. And, of course, this works with the iPhone too.


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