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When Should You Upgrade to macOS Mojave, iOS 12, watchOS 5, and tvOS 12?

It’s that time of year again, when Apple releases new versions of macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Apple announced the new versions in June, and public betas have been available since then. The big question now is when do you upgrade your devices to these new versions? Note that I am saying when and not […]

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking: 13 Essential Trackpad Tricks for Mac Users

I’m a fan of the trackpad and I haven’t touched a mouse in years. Why? With the gestures you can use on the trackpad, it makes using your Mac faster, and dare I say more fun. Here’s how to put your fingers to work to get the most of out a trackpad on your Mac,

Apple Is Discontinuing Its Photo Printing Services—Here Are 7 Alternatives

I have some sad news for you if you used Apple’s photo printing services. Apple is discontinuing these services, which enabled you to create and order physical prints, cards, calendars, and books from within the Photos app on the Mac. If you’re building such a project right now, be sure to place your order before […]

Here’s a Hidden Trick for Opening System Preferences Panes Directly

The System Preferences app on the Mac is where you setup your default preferences for your Mac and it contains about 30 icons, each leading to a specific preference pane. Rather than opening System Preferences and then looking for the preference pane you want to open, you can jump directly to the desired pane.

Why You Should Always Keep the Find My iPhone Feature Enabled

Find My iPhone does more than just help you locate your iPhone. You can also use it to locate your Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, and even Airpods. You can erase data and set messages. See what you can do with Find My iPhone in this tip.

A Simple Technique for Decluttering Your Reminders List

Productivity experts have long recommended offloading things you have to remember to a task-management app like Apple’s Reminders, which syncs your to-dos among your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. This can be particularly helpful if you want to be reminded of something off in the future, something you would probably forget if you didn’t […]

Being an Apple User Means You’re Not the Product

The ad-driven approach on how companies do business stands in stark contrast to how Apple does business. Apple makes most of its money by selling hardware and services. Knowing more about you, what Web pages you visit, what you buy, and who you’re friends with doesn’t help Apple’s business.

Comparing Before/After Edits in Photos on the Mac

Learn how to compare your edited photo with the original in the Photos app on the Mac in this latest tip from Noteboom Tutorials.

Invoke Special Views and Features on the Mac with a Flick of Your Wrist

When you are working on your Mac, you probably have many windows open. Some covering other apps and mostly covering the desktop. As I write this I count at least 10 windows open on my Mac. If you want to look at the Desktop or do something different, you may find yourself clicking around or […]

Did You Know You Can Customize the Columns in a Finder Window’s List View?

When a Mac folder contains a lot of files, the Finder’s List view often works best in my opinion. Why? It let’s you focus on a single folder. Wiht the column view you can also easily sort the contents by clicking the different columns: Name, Date Modified, Size, and Kind. But you can do more. […]