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What OS Version Are You Running? Here’s How to Find Out.

When troubleshooting your Mac, one of the first questions is always, “What version of the operating system are you running?” There’s a big difference between Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and macOS 10.13 High Sierra, and the solution to any particular problem will likely revolve around knowing what operating system you have installed. The […]

Look Up All Sorts of Information with a Quick Click or Tap on the Mac

Were you ever reading anything on your Mac and you came across a word you wanted to look up? Happens to me for often than I like to admit. Well Apple makes it easy to look up information about any word you can see on your Mac, in nearly any app. To access this information, […]

Did You Know Your EarPods Work as a Remote Shutter Button for Photos?

Have you ever wanted to compose the perfect photo with the Camera app on the iPhone and then been unable to tap the shutter button without jiggling the iPhone and blurring your photo? This happens to me when I try to take a selfie more than not (I’m new at the selfie game). One solution […]

New Tutorial for Screenshots on the Mac

I’m happy to announce my latest tutorial, how to take screenshots on the Mac. Have you ever wanted to take a screenshot on your Mac running macOS High Sierra or an older operating system? Not sure how? In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can take screenshots on your Mac. I first show you […]

Offloading Unused Apps in iOS 11 and Recover Space on your iPhone or iPad

Are you running low on space on your iPhone or iPad and you are you using iOS 11? Apple has added a quick way to free up storage space by removing unneeded apps making this problem easier to deal with than you may think. All you need to do is go to Settings > General […]

Tutor for Stickies for the Mac now available

You probably have never heard of Stickies on your Mac. It’s an app that has been around for many years and is the precursor to the Notes App. It actually has some of the same features and is designed to help you take notes, with a twist… in a Post-It Note style. With these Stickies […]

Use Copy as Pathname on the Mac to Help Someone Find a File

Have you ever needed to show someone where to find a file on the Mac? Maybe you want to write it out in an email? As an example, I want to share where to find the Quickbooks backup files. Well rather than write out instructions like “Look in the Backup Files in the Quickbooks folder […]

Tutor for Photography with the Camera app on the iPhone now available

I’m happy to announce my tutorial on photography with the Camera app on the iPhone is now available. This tutorial includes 28 lessons on how to get the best pictures while using the Camera app. Lessons include how to take a select burst photos, locking the focus and exposure and why you’d want to lock […]

Sneak Preview of What’s Coming from Apple This Fall

At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote on June 4th, the company unveiled the first developer versions of all four of its operating systems: macOS 10.14 Mojave, iOS 12, watchOS 5, and tvOS 12. They won’t be available until this fall, likely in September or October, but here is a glimpse of what you can expect. […]

Shooting Bursts of Photos with the Camera app on the iPhone

We know that we can take a single photo when we tap the shutter button on the iPhone when in the Camera app, but did you know you could take a burst of photos when youth and hold the shutter button? This a great feature if you are looking for that ‘perfect shot’ and it […]

Tutor for Image Capture for the Mac now available

Have you ever wanted to import your photos from your camera or iPhone, but you didn’t want to use Photos? Maybe you just want to import them into a photo, or maybe you want see the information about a photo such as the ISO, film speed, or aperture used before you import them. What about scanning?

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New Lessons added to Tutor for Clock for the iPhone and the iPad

I’ve added three new lessons to my tutorial on the Clock app for the iPhone and another three to my tutorial on the Clock app for the iPad. These lessons cover adding an alarm, stopwatch, and timer control to the Control Center. I also show you how you can set a timer from within the […]

New Tutorial on the Voice Memos app for the iPhone now available online

Learn about the Voice Memos app on the iPhone with our new Tutor for Voice Memos Tutorial This tutorial on the Voice Memos app for the iPhone is a short three lessons and covers all the major features including creating and deleting voice memos, sharing voice memos, trimming and deleting portions of a voice memo, […]

How to Force Quit an app on the Mac

Mac apps are pretty stable these days, but every once in a while you may have it where that app is acting strange and you want to quit it. Maybe it’s frozen and you can’t even quit it even if you wanted to. This is usually an older app when it happens to me. You […]

Tutor for Stocks on the iPhone is now available Online

This is another one of my shorter tutorials on the site, but you may learn something including how to view your watched stocks in the Today view. If you watch stocks using the Stocks app on the iPhone, take a look at our short tutorial. Take me to the tutorial.