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Did You Know Your EarPods Work as a Remote Shutter Button for Photos?

Have you ever wanted to compose the perfect photo with the Camera app on the iPhone and then been unable to tap the shutter button without jiggling the iPhone and blurring your photo? This happens to me when I try to take a selfie more than not (I’m new at the selfie game). One solution […]

Offloading Unused Apps in iOS 11 and Recover Space on your iPhone or iPad

Are you running low on space on your iPhone or iPad and you are you using iOS 11? Apple has added a quick way to free up storage space by removing unneeded apps making this problem easier to deal with than you may think. All you need to do is go to Settings > General […]

Use Copy as Pathname on the Mac to Help Someone Find a File

Have you ever needed to show someone where to find a file on the Mac? Maybe you want to write it out in an email? As an example, I want to share where to find the Quickbooks backup files. Well rather than write out instructions like “Look in the Backup Files in the Quickbooks folder […]

Shooting Bursts of Photos with the Camera app on the iPhone

We know that we can take a single photo when we tap the shutter button on the iPhone when in the Camera app, but did you know you could take a burst of photos when youth and hold the shutter button? This a great feature if you are looking for that ‘perfect shot’ and it […]

How to Force Quit an app on the Mac

Mac apps are pretty stable these days, but every once in a while you may have it where that app is acting strange and you want to quit it. Maybe it’s frozen and you can’t even quit it even if you wanted to. This is usually an older app when it happens to me. You […]

How to Create a Custom Vibration in an Alarm

Did you know you could create a custom vibration for an alarm on your iPhone? Why would you want to do this? Let’s say you created an alarm for dinner tonight. When that alarm goes off, you would pull out your phone to see what it is for. If you set a custom vibration for […]

Automatically Open your Apps on your Mac

Have you ever wanted to automatically open an app when you start your Mac? In the past this was, and still can be, done through the Mac’s System Preferences. But there is an easier way – through the Dock. All you need to do is make sure the app you want to automatically open is […]

How to Forget a Network on the iPad

When you connect your iPad (and iPhone) to a wi-fi network, your iPad will remember that network and connect to it in the future if it is available. It’s a great feature that most people don’t think about, and why should you? Well, wonder if you connect to the wrong network and now the iPad […]

Viewing YouTube Videos using Picture-in-Picture on your Mac

You may know that with some videos you can view them in picture-in-picture mode on your Mac. A video from vimeo, as an example, will have a small icon representing picture-in-picture. When you click on it, the video will float above all your windows and move to a corner on your Mac, thereby allowing you […]

Re-organize your Preference Panes on a Mac

Did you know you could re-organize your preference panes in the System Preferences on a Mac? If you don’t like them grouped or organized by category, you can also organize them or sort them alphabetically. It’s easy – just open your System Preferences and go to the Menu Bar. From there select View. You’ll see […]