Accessing and Organizing Apps on the Apple Watch

In this lesson for the Apple Watch we look at how we access and organize the Apps on the Apple Watch.

Accessing Apple Watch Apps
To access all the apps installed on your Apple Watch, you just push in the digital crown when you are looking at a watch face. If you are in an app, you push the digital crown in to get to the watch face and then push it in again.

Viewing by App Icon
By default, when you view your apps, you view them as app icons. To zoom in to view the icons closer, you rotate the digital crown. You can also swipe around to move your view. If you zoom in too far it will open the app in the center of your Apple Watch. You can also tap on any one of the icons to open the app.

Rearranging your App Icons
To rearrange your app icons, you tap and hold on any of the icons while looking at all your apps. Your apps will start jiggling and when they do, you can drag them around to rearrange them. When you are finished, push in the digital crown.

Deleting an App from your Apple Watch
Tap and hold on any of the app icons to get them to start jiggling. Once you do this, any app that can be deleted will have an ‘X’ in the corner of the icon. Tap on the ‘X’ to delete the app. This will not delete the app form your iPhone, it only deletes it from the Apple Watch. You cannot delta Apple apps. When you are finished, push in the digital crown.

Viewing your Apps as a List
You can also change the view of your apps to a list view. This is how I prefer it. To do that, while looking at your app icons, gently push down on your Apple Watch. You’ll get an option to view your apps as a list. If you are viewing them as list, you can also change it back to icon view. When viewing as a list, you scroll up and down by swiping or using the digital crown. Tap on an app name to open it. They are arranged alphabetically and you cannot change the sort order. You can also delete an app when viewing as list list by swiping to the left on an app name.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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