Organizing and Customizing Faces on the iPhone

In this lesson for the Apple Watch we look at how we can customize, add, and remove watch faces using the Watch app on the iPhone.

Viewing your Installed Watch Faces
To view the watch faces you have installed from the Watch app on your iPhone, you first tap My Watch in the lower left corner after you open the Watch app. At the top of your iPhone display, you’ll see My Faces. These are all the watch faces you have installed on your Apple Watch. Just scroll to the right and left to view them all.

Customizing a Watch Face
To customize a watch face, you just tap on the watch face you want to customize the the My Faces section. Just like on the Apple Watch, you’ll have a number of options including style. color, and complications. These options will change depending on what watch face you are customizing.

Changing the Color of a Watch Face
Just tap on the color you want to change the watch face too. Depending on which watch face it is, it may change the second hand, numerals, or complications.

Changing the Style of a Watch Face
If you can change the style of a watch face, your next option will show you style options that are available for that watch face. Just swipe to the left and right and tap on the style you want. Some watch faces do not allow you to change the style, so depending on which watch face you have selected, you may or may not see this option.

Customizing the Complications
The next option show us where all the complications are available for the selected watch face. Some watch faces have more complications than others. To change what complication is how in an area, just tap on that area and then select the complication you want to be shown.

Setting and Removing Watch Faces
The next option, when you scroll up, will set the watch face you are customizing as your current watch face on your Apple Watch. You can also remove the watch face from your Apple Watch.

Reordering or Rearranging your Watch Faces
To change the order that your watch faces are in, you tap on Edit in the upper right side of My Faces. You’ll see all the watch faces you have installed and then from there you just take the three horizontal lines to the right of the watch face you want to move, and drag it up and down to rearrange where that watch face is on your Apple Watch. You can also remove a watch face by tapping on the red ‘-‘.

Adding a New Watch Face to your Apple Watch
To add a new watch face, you tap on Gallery at the bottom of the Watch app. Form there you will see all the watch faces available with different styles. Tap on the watch face you want to add. Once you do that, you can customize it further and then you add it to your Apple Watch.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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