Getting Around the Watch App on the iPhone

In this lesson for the Apple Watch we take an overview of the Watch app on the iPhone. With watch app on the iPhone, we can change the settings on our Apple watch, we can view various watch faces using the gallery, and browse for apps on the app store.

My Watch Tab
When you open the Watch app on your iPhone, you’ll see various categories or tabs across the bottom. The first one we are going to look at is My Watch on the lower left. This is where you will find various settings for your Apple Watch. This includes the installed watch faces, complications, notifications, app layout, and dock settings. We also have General Settings which include brightness, sound, passcode, and privacy settings. If you swipe up you’ll also see the various apps on available for your Apple Watch that are included or you can install. Tap on any one of these apps to see the settings for that specific app. Some of these settings we can also change on the Apple Watch. More on that in another lesson.

Face Gallery Tab
The second tab from the left is the Face Gallery. This is where we can view the various faces available to your Apple Watch. These are not the faces that are installed, you’ll see those on the My Watch tab. These are where we can view and customize a watch face and then install it on our Apple Watch. Once you add a face from the gallery to your Apple Watch, it will show in your My Watch tab.

App Store Tab
Our next category is for the App Store. When you tap on this you are taken to the App store. But this is not the normal app store, it is only showing apps that you can install on your Apple Watch. This is also where you install an Apple Watch app to your iPhone.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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