Replying to Messages

In this lesson for the Apple Watch we are going to take a look at the various ways we can reply to a message we receive on the Apple Watch.

Receiving a Message
When you receive a message on your Apple Watch, by default you will get a haptic tap. When you raise your wrist, you are able to see what the message is.

Replying to a Message
To replay to a message you received on your Apple Watch, you just tap on the message. You can do this when you receive it tor when it is in your Notification Center. You have a few options for replying to a message.

Dictating a Message
To dictate your replay, you tap on the blue microphone icon. When you do this, your Apple Watch will dictate what you are saying. From there you can send what the Apple watch transcribed or you can send the actual voice message as audio. If the Apple Watch cannot figure out what you said, you’ll only have the option for audio reply.

Replying through an Emoji
If you’d rather reply with an emoji, tap on the icon with the smiley face. When you do that, you’ll have a number of categories you can select your emoji from. Swipe to the left or right to change categories. Swipe up or down, or use the digital crown to view more emojis in that category. To change the color of an emoji, you force touch or gently push down on your Apple Watch.

Replying through Digital Touch
With Digital Touch you can send sketches, taps, your heartbeat, and kisses. Tap on your Apple Watch to send a sketch. Tap with two fingers to send a kiss. To send a heartbeat, you place two fingers on your Apple Watch and hold them there til you see your heartbeat.

Scribbling a Reply
When you scribble a reply, you draw each letter on your screen to form a word or sentence. Tap on Scribble and then just start drawing your letters. Tap on your Apple Watch to create a space to separate your words. In the lower right corner is the delete icon to delete the last character you formed. When you start forming a word, the Apple Watch will try to complete the word. Rotate the digital drown to go through the different suggestions the Apple Watch is showing. Tap on Send to send your scribbled reply.

Pre-formatted Replies
Your Apple Watch will also suggest pre-formatted replies based on your conversation. Just scroll up to see the different replies the Apple Watch is suggesting. The first few suggestions are default replies that always show, You can change these in the Watch app on your iPhone under the Messages Settings.

Message Reactions
Message support Reactions. You can love, like, dislike, laugh at, exclamation point, and question a message sent to you with a reaction. To send a reaction, just tap and hold not he message you want to react to. From there you’ll be able to tap on the reaction you want to send back.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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