Viewing Workout History

In this lesson for the Apple Watch we look at how we can view our workout history in the Workout app on the iPhone. When we view our workout history we can see how far we ran or biked on a certain day. If you Apple Watch has a GPS chip or you had your iPhone, you’d see a map, you’ll also the temperature as well as other information.

Viewing Workouts
To view your workouts you need to open the Workout app on your iPhone. At the bottom will be a tab for Workouts. Tap on this to see your workouts sorted by date. Tap on any one of the workouts to the the specifics for that workout. This can include calories burned, distance, elevation, total time, average heart rate, and more. This information will change depending on the type of workout it was. As an example, a running workout will include splits. Tap on the month name at the top left corner to go back to your list of workouts. To share a workout, tap on the share icon in the upper left corner.

Filtering Workouts
If you only want to view a certain type of workout, such as running, tap on Workouts in the upper left corner. From their select the type of workout you want to view. You can only select one type at a time.

Viewing a Month Summary
To view how you did for a month, you tap on the year in the upper left corner. When you do this, you can see a summary of each month. Scroll up to go back in time. Tap on any month to see the workouts for that month. You can then filter them down as well.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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