Browsing the Book Store

In this video for the Books app on the Mac, I look at browsing the Books Store including how to find the top sellers, books by an author, download a sample, add a book to the Wish List, and more.

Switching to the Store from your Library
Once you open the Books app on your Mac, you’ll see a Book Store button on the left side of the window in the toolbar. When you click on this, the window changes from your Library to the Books Store. The button also changes to Library. To get back to your Library, click on the Library Button.

At the top of the window, in the toolbar, you’ll see a number of categories. The first one is Featured. This is where you’ll find all the featured books in the Book Store. Scroll up to see the different categories for the featured books.

Top Charts
With Top Charts we can see which books are topping in the charts. When you click on this, below the toolbar, you can select if you want to view the top charts in paid books or free books. You can also select a specific category by going to the right side of the window.

New York Times Best Sellers
When you click on this, you can see the best sellers listed by the New York Times. With the New York Times Best Sellers you can select between fiction and nonfiction books.

To view your books by category, you click on Categories in the toolbar. I equate this as to browsing the aisles while at a bookstore, each aisle being a different category. Once you click on a category, you can see the best sellers, top charts, what’s free, and more.

Top Authors
When you click on Top authors in the toolbar, you will get a list of the top authors on the left. Click on any author to see their books. You can also click on Paid or Free to look at the books you have to pay for or the books they have that are free.

On the left side of the toolbar is the search field. Just type in what you are searching for to search the Book Store.

Downloads and Updates
The button on the far right of the toolbar is where you can find if you have any books that are downloading as well as update any books that have an update to them.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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