Working with Book Collections

In this video for the Books app on the Mac, I look at how you create collections for your books in the Books app on the Mac.

Viewing your Collections
To see your collections, click on Collections at the top of the window in the toolbar. On the left side will be all your collections for your books. By default, you will have two collections, Books and PDFs.

Creating a New Collection
To create a new collection, click on the ‘+’ in the lower left corner of the window while looking at your collections. When you click on this, a new empty collection will be created. Click new collection name to rename it. You can also control-click (hold down the Control button while clicking on a book. When you do this, a menu will pop up, and you can create a New Collection from there.

Adding Books to a Collection
To add books to your collection, you first select the books you want to add to your collection. Then you control-click (hold down the Control button while clicking on a selected book). A menu will, and one of the options is to add the selected books to any collections you have.

Creating a Collection from a Selection
To create a new collection from your selected books, you select the books you want in the collection first, then you control-click on any one of the selected books and in the menu that pops up, select ‘New Collection from Selection.’

Deleting a Collection
To delete a collection, you select the collection and then tap on the Delete key. When you do this, the collection will be deleted, but any of the books in the collection will still be in your library.

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