Color, Translucence, and Floating Notes

In this lesson we look at how to set the color of a Stickies note as well as set the translucence and float a Stickies note above you other windows on the Mac.

Setting the Color of a Stickies Note
You’ll notice when you first open the Stickies app, the demo notes are yellow and blue. When you create a new Stickies note, by default it will be yellow. What you can do is change the color of a note. You can also set the default color of the note. To change the color of a note, you just select the Stickies note you want to change the color ot, select it by placing your cursor in it. Then in the menu bar you go to Color. Now you just select the color you want the note to be.

To set a default color, you first change a Stickies note to the color you want and then under Window in the menu bar, you select ‘Use as Default’. Any new notes your create will now be that color.

Setting the Translucence of a Stickies Note
We can also make a note semi-transparent. This is what is called translucence. To make a Stickies note translucent or semi-transparent, you first elect the note you want to make semi-transparent, then under Window in the menu bar you’ll see Translucent. You’ll notice your Stickies note is now translucent.

Just like with colors, you can also make new notes translucent by default. Just go under Window in the menu bar and select ‘Use as Default’ when you have Translucent selected.

Making a Stickies Notes Float above all other Windows.
You can also make a Stickies note float above all your other windows on the Mac. This comes in handy when you are taking notes and you are working in several apps or maybe reading in Safari. Your Stickies note will be above your other windows ready for you to enter notes. To float a Stickies note, you go to Window in the menu bar and select Float on Top. Now the note you are working in will float above all your other windows. If you no longer want to have it float, you go back to Window in the menu bar and deselect Float on Top.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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