Formatting Text in a Stickies Note

In this lesson for Stickies on the Mac we look at how we format a note in Stickies.

Paste and Match Style
When you use the service to create a note in Stickies, all the formatting is copied as well. In my example in the video above, when I created a note from Safari, all the formatting was copied as well, so the text is a different color and the background is gray. What I would like to to is remove that formatting.

To remove formatting of a note in Stickies, you first have to copy the text in the note. I usually use command+A to select all the text. Then you create a new Sticky note. Now you go to Edit in the menu bar and you’ll see Paste and Match Style. When you select this, your Mac will paste the text you copied and match the styling of a Sticky note. It will basically remove the styling from Safari.

Formatting Text
To format the text in a note, you first select what you want to format. You can elect all the text in a note or just the words you want to format. Now you go to the menu bar and under Font you will see you have a number of different options. You can make the text bold, underline, or italic. You can also make the text bigger and smaller. To change the color of the selected text, you select Colors under the Font menu. A window will open and you can set the color you want to text to be. If you want more options, you can open the Font window from the Font menu. When you open this window you have more controls over the size and formatting of your selected text.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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