Creating Web Pages and PDFs

In this lesson, we look at how we can build a webpage out of imported photos as well as how to make a PDF out of them.

Building a Web Page with your Media
First thing you’ll need to do is select the photos you want to import. Once you have them selected, go down to ‘Import to’ in Image Capture and then one of the options you have when you select this is to build a web page. Once you have that selected, click on ‘Import’. When you do this Image Capture will build a web page with your selected items.

The way that Image Capture builds a web pages is it builds the html files and then it places them into the picture’s folder. Once the pages are built, you can FTP to your server. It’s kind of an older way of doing things, but it works.

When Image Capture is finished building the web pages, it opens it up in Safari so you can see it. When you click an image, it makes it larger. Click on it again, it makes it smaller.

Making a PDF with your Media
Now let’s take a look at how we make a PDF. It works very similar. Go back to Image Capture and then instead of ‘Build Web Page’, another option is ‘Make PDF’. When you select this, it’s going to make a PDF with the imported images using the ‘Make PDF’ app. This is another app that comes with your Mac. With the Make PDF app, you can change the layout. Just go to Layout in the menu bar and select another layout.

See this lesson in Action
If you want to see how this in action, I show you how this all works in the video above.

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