Detail Scanning with Image Capture

In this less we look at detailed scanning with Image Capture. With detailed scanning, you have a lot more options including what you want to name the document, what type of document you want to save it as, as well as if you want to make it color or black and white.

Detailed Scanning Mode
To go into detailed mode, click on Show Details. You’re going to see that the interface will change. You have a lot more options on the right side of Image Capture for scanning. Now the first thing it does is an overview scan. This way you can see what is going to be scanned. When it is finished, Image Capture will select the items on your scanner bed. What you can do is change the selection by dragging on the blue dots.

Let’s look at the different options. Up at the top right you have ‘Scan’ mode. If you have a scanner with a document feeder you can select to use the document feeder.

Below that, you have the ‘Kind’. You can select Color, Black and White, or Text. Black and White will scan in black and white and the file size will be smaller. If you are scanning a letter, you may want to choose text.

The next option is the ‘Resolution’. What you can do is select a different DPI. Your file size will grow dramatically as you increase your DPI. generally speaking, if you’re going to print it, you may want to stick with about 300. If you’re just going to view it on your screen, you can go as low as 75. I usually stick with about 300.

Below that you have ‘Use Custom Size’. You can set the size of the scan. You can also set if you want the scanner to detect the items in your scanner bed. If you have the scanner detect the items, Image Capture will also straighten and crooked scans.

The next option you set where you want to scan it to. This is just like with simplified scanning. You can select different folders as well as different apps.

You also have ‘Name’. This is where you name your finished scanned items. If it is going to scan multiple items, it will put a number after the name, such as 1 and 2.

You can also set the format. You can select TIF, PNG, JIF or even a PDF.

And then the last option here is ‘Image Correction’. If you click on this and go to manual you’ll see you have a number of options including viewing a histogram, setting saturation, contrast, and more.

When you are finished, just click on ‘Scan’.

See this lesson in Action
If you want to see how this in action, I show you how this all works in the video above.

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