Setting Camera Defaults

In this video, we look at how you can set up default behaviors for Image Capture when you plug in your camera(s). What you can do is set Image capture to open up a specific app or delete all the photos after importing depending on which camera you plug in to the your Mac.

Setting Camera Defaults
When you are looking at Image Capture and you have an camera plugged in (in my case I use my iPhone in the video above), if you go down to the bottom left corner of Image Capture, you’re going to see it says ‘Connecting this camera opens:’. If you don’t see this, what you need to do is click on the little icon on the lower left hand corner. From there you can set Image Capture to open up ‘Photos’, ‘Image Capture’, ‘Preview’, ‘Mail’, or you can go to ‘Other’ and select another app. And it will only do this when you connect your particular camera. In the video above I show you how this works with two different cameras.

So that’s how you can set what happens when you connect your camera up to your Mac. You can have it open up Image Capture, Photos or other apps. You can also have it “Delete after import’ or ‘Keep the originals’.

See this lesson in Action
If you want to see how this in action, I show you how this all works in the video above.

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