Importing and Exporting Options

In this lesson for Stickies on the Mac we look at the export and import options we have for our Stickies notes we have on the Mac.

Importing a File into a Stickies Note
To import text into a Stickies note, we go to File in the menu bar. Under File will be Import Text. Elect this and we can select the file that has the text we want to import into a Stickies note. Now we can only import basic text, we can’t import an Excel file as an example. When you import the file, it creates a new Stickies Note.

Exporting a Stickies Note to a File
To export a Stickies note to a file, we go to File in the menu bar again. Form there you’ll see Export Text. Select this and then just name your file and place it where you want. Stickies will then export the text form that note into your new file.

Exporting all your Stickies Notes to the Notes App
You can also export all your Stickies notes to the Notes app on the Mac if you’d rather use the Notes app as opposed to the Stickies app. To do this, you go to File in the menu bar again and select Export All to Notes. When you select this, all your notes int he Stickies app will now be individual notes in the Notes app. You cannot export individual notes from he Stickies app to the Notes app, you have to export all your notes from the Stickies app. Also, when you export your notes to the Notes app, all your images from the Stickies notes are exported as well.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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