Finding and Following Topics and Channels

In this lesson for the News app on the iPad, I look at how to find and follow topics and channels in the News app on the iPad.

Viewing your Topics and Channels you are Following
In the sidebar on the left, you will see ‘Following’ towards the top. Below ‘Following’ are all teh topics and channels you are following. Tap on any one of them to look at the articles within that topic or channel.

Following Topics and Channels Suggested by Siri
Below your Following list is another list of topics and channels. These topics and channels are suggested by Siri based on your browsing history. If you want to follow any one of them, you tap on the ‘heart’ to the right of the topic or channel. When you do this, the heart becomes solid, and the topic or channel is moved into your Following list.

Discovering Channels and Topics
To discover new channels and topics to follow, swipe up on the sidebar. Towards the bottom will be a button called ‘Discover Channels & Topics.’ Tap on this to discover new channels and topics you want to follow. When you see a channel or topic you want to follow, tap on the ‘heart’ in the channel or topic. It will move it to your Following list.

Searching for Topics and Channels
To search for a topic or channel, you pull down the sidebar on the left. When you do this, the search field will show. Type in a topic or channel you’d like to follow, then tap on the ‘heart.’

Unfollowing a Topic or Channel
To unfollow a topic or channel, you need to tap on the solid heart icon. You do not want to tap on the heart with a line through it, this will block it.

You can also tap on Edit next to Following. When you do this, to the right of each topic or channel you are following will be a red circle. Tap on the red circle to unfollow that topic or channel.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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