Managing Notifications

In this lesson for the News app on the iPad, I look at how you manage notifications including how you can select with sources or channels you want to receive notifications from in the News app on the iPad.

Setting which Channels you want to receive Notifications from
To set which channels you wish to receive notifications from, you swipe up on the left sidebar until you see Manage Notifications. When you tap on this, you will see all the channels you are following. To the right of each channel will be a slider. If the slider is on or green, you are receiving notifications from that channel. So from here you just tap on the slider for the channel you want or do not want notifications from.

If you want notifications from a channel, you are not Following
Below the channels, you are following is More Channels. These are channels you are not following. If you turn on notifications for any one of these channels, in addition to receiving notifications from that channel, you will also be following that channel.

Managing the Type of Notification you Receive
To manage the type of alert you receive, as well as if you want to a the badge counts and turn on sounds for notifications, you need to go to your Notifications settings in the Settings app. From there you tap on, and you can set what type of alert you receive if you want badge counts, sounds and if you want your Notifications grouped.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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