Saving a Story for Reading Later

In this lesson for the News app on the iPad, I look at how you save a story so you can read it later in the News app on the iPad.

Saving a Story for Reading Later
To keep a story you want to read later, you tap on the Share icon. You can do this from within a topic, each story title will have the share icon near it, or when you open a story, at the bottom of the story is where the Share icon is located. When you tap on the Share icon, the Share Sheet opens, and one of the buttons available is Save. You may have to swipe to the left to see this button. Tap on Save to save the story.

Finding your Stories you’ve Saved
To read a story you’ve saved, you swipe up on the left sidebar until you see Saved Stories. Tap on this to see all the stories you’ve saved. Tap on any story to open it up. When you are finished reading it, you can tap on the Share icon and then tap on Unsave.

You can also find your saved stories on your other devices like your iPhone and Mac if you are using iCloud.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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