Topics and Channels

In this lesson for the News app on the iPad, I look at how to browse topics and channels, including the Today and Spotlight topic.

What Topics and Channels Are
A Topic will contain articles, or as News calls them, stories about a specific subject. These articles or stories can come from different news sources. They just have to be about an issue or topic to be included in a News Topic.

A Channel is a specific news source and can contain various topics, but they all come from a single news source. With the News app, we can follow both topics and channels.

Today Topic
The Today topic is the first topic or channel shown in the sidebar on the left. The topic will contain article or stories that are related to today. It can include articles from topics and channels that you follow as well as other topics an channels.

Spotlight Topic
The Spotlight topic contains articles and stories that are all related to a single subject or spotlight. This subject will change on a regular basis and is determined by Apple news editors.

Topics and Channels your are Following
Below the Today topic and Spotlight topic, you will find the topics and channels you are following. When you are looking at a channel, you will see at the top various sections for that channel, such as Photography or Opinion. Tap on any category to see all the articles about that category from the channel or source.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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