Accessing Reminders from the Today View

In this lesson for Reminders on the iPad, we look at how to view our due reminders in the Today view on the iPad.

What is the Today View
The Today view is a screen on your iPad that shows you all of today’s events, news, weather, etc. To access the Today view, you either swipe to the right on your Home Screen until you ss the Today view, or you swipe to the right when looking at your Notification Center.

Today View Widgets
Any information that is displayed in the Today view for an app is displayed through a widget. As an example, if you have today’s news displayed, it is displayed through the News Widget. Today’s weather is displayed through the Weather Widget. What you can do is add a Remmdners widget to the Today View. When you do this, the widget will show reminders that are due today.

Adding the Reminders Widget
To add a widget, in this case, the Reminder Widget, you swipe up to get to the bottom of the Today View. At the bottom, you’ll see “Edit’. Tap on this to add and remove widgets from the today view including the Reminders widget. If it is not added, you just tap on the green ‘+’ next to Reminders.

Working with the Reminders Widget
When you see the Reminders widget in the Today view, if you tap on a reminder, it will open it in the Reminders app. Also, remember, the only reminders that will be shown are reminders that are due.

See this lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, I show you how this all works in the video above.

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