Adding, Viewing, and Completing Reminders

In this lesson for Reminders on the iPad, we take a quick look at the interface to Reminders, how we add reminders, as well as complete reminders, and view completed reminders on the iPad.

A Quick Look at the Reminders Interface
When you have your iPad in landscape mode, your reminders lists are located on the left. When you create a reminder, you create it in one of your lists. Tap on any one of the lists to see it’s reminders.

Creating a Reminder
To create a reminder, you first need to select a list to create that reminder in. Once you select the list, you tap on the ‘+’ on the left side or tap anywhere in the white area where you reminders are listed. Then just type your reminder. Once you create a reminder, to add another reminder in the same list, you just tap ‘Return’ on the keyboard. Once you do that, you can create another reminder.

Completing a Reminder
To Complete a Reminder, you just tap on the gray circle to the left of the reminder. When you mark a reminder as ‘complete’, the Reminders app moves that reminder to the Completed Reminders section of your list. If you can’t tap on the gray circle, hide the keyboard first.

Marking a Completed Reminder as Incomplete
If you want to mark a completed reminder as incomplete, you need to first view all your completed reminders. You’ll find a link to show your completed reminders at the bottom of your reminders. From there, just tap on the gray circle to mark it as incomplete. When you do this, the reminder will move out of your completed reminders and back into your standard reminders within your list.

Deleting a Reminder
To Delete a reminder, you just swipe to the left on the reminder you want to delete. When you do this, you’ll see delete. You can stop swiping and tap on Delete, or you can continue swiping all the way to the left to delete the reminder. You can also tap on ‘edit’ in the upper right corner and delete your reminders by tapping on the red circle. When finished, tap on ‘Done’.

See this lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, I show you how this all works in the video above.

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