Setting Where You Want to be Reminded

In this lesson for Reminders on the iPad, we take a look at how to set a reminder to alert us based on a location, such as when you arrive at a location or leave a location. You do need to have an iPad with GPS for the feature. How can you tell if you have an iPad with GPS? If you have an iPad that is capable of connecting to a cell service such as Verizon or ATT, your iPad has a GPS chip in it and you will be able to set an alert based on location.

Setting Where you want to be Reminded
To set where you want to be reminded, you need to get to the information window of a reminder. To access this window, you tap on the ‘i’ to the right of the reminder. You can also swipe to the right on a reminder until you see ‘More’. Tap on ‘More’ to access the detail screen.

You will see an option for ‘Remind me at a location’. If you do not see this, this means that your iPad does not have a GPS chip in it. Tap on the slider by Location and then tap on Location. Tap on the Search field and start typing a location.

Setting if you want to be reminded when you Leave or Arrive at a Location
The next thing to do is to set when you want to be alerted – when you arrive at the location or when you leave the location.

Setting the Radius for the Alert
You can also set how far out from the location you want to be alerted, in other words, how close to you need to be to the location before Reminders alerts you. To change the radius, drag the black dot around the blue circle on the map. Drag it out to increase the area, drag it in to decrease the area you want to be reminded in.

Using with your iPhone
If you don’t carry your iPad with you and you have an iPhone, any alerts you create on your iPad will sync over to your iPhone as long as you are using the same iCloud account. This way you can set up an alert based on location on your iPad, but yet be alerted on your iPhone.

See this lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, I show you how this all works in the video above.

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