Using Siri to add Reminders

In this lesson for Reminders on the iPad, we look at various ways to use Siri to add reminders to the iPad and how to set the default list a reminder as added to when using Siri.

Adding a Basic Reminder using Siri
To add a reminder using Siri, you just ask Siri to create a reminder. As an example, I am going to create a reminder to get gas for my car. I hold down the Home button to start Siri.

Me: “Remind me to get gas for my car.”
Siri: “One sec, OK, I’ll remind you.”

And now I would have a reminder in my Reminders app for getting gas.

Default List
When you add a reminder with Siri and you do not specify which list you want that reminder in, your reminder will be placed in the Default List. In my example above, since I did not specify a list to place the Reminder in, it placed it in my Default List. To see and change which list is your Default List, you go to the Settings app and then to Reminders. You’ll see an option for Default List. Just set the list you want as your default list, and any reminder you add that you do not specify a list for, will be placed in this Default List.

Specifying a List for a Reminder with Siri
You can also specify which list you want your reminder in with Siri. As an example, I need eggs and I want it in my Grocery list. Here is what I could say to Siri.

Me: “Add eggs to my Groceries list.”
Siri: “Ok, I added it to the Groceries list.”

Specifying a Date or Location for a Reminder
You can also specify a date for an alert when creating a reminder using Siri. Here is an example of what I could say to add a date or location.

Me: “Remind me to register for a race by next week, Saturday.”
Siri: “Creating a reminder, Ok, I’ll remind you.”

Me: “Remind me to register for a race the next time I’m at Gazelle Sports.”
Siri: “OK, I’ll remind you when you arrive at Gazelle Sports.”

With Siri, I’d recommend trying different phrases and find the phrase that you are comfortable with when creating reminders.

See this lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, I show you how this all works in the video above.

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