Changing Text Size, Font, Theme, and View

In this lesson for the Books app on the iPhone, I look at how to change the brightness, text size, font, theme or background color, and view of your book while reading it in the Books app on your iPhone.

Accessing the Brightness, Text, Theme, and View Options
To access the tools to change the text size, font, theme, and view, you need to tap on the book while reading it to get your tools at the top of your book, Tap on the two A’s to access these tools.

Adjusting the Brightness
The first tool under the two A’s is used to adjust the brightness of the book. Just slide it to the left and right to change the brightness.

Changing the Text Size
The next option is used to change the text size. Tap on the smaller A to make the text smaller, tap on the larger A to make the text larger.

Changing the Font
To change the font that is used in the book, tap on Fonts, then select which font you’d like to use.

Changing the Theme or Background Color
When you change the theme, you are changing the background color that is being used while reading the book. Just tap on the color you’d like to use as the background. If you tap on the black background, the text color will also change.

Changing the view to a Scrolling View
By default, the Books app is set up to read like a standard book, meaning you swipe to the left or right to turn the page, much like in a conventional book. With the Books app, you can also set the view to be a scrolling view, which means the book is just one big column and all you do is scroll up or down to move within the book. Turn on Scrolling View to change the Books app to this view.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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