Siri Shortcuts

In this lesson for What’s New in iOS 12 on the iPhone, we look at the new Siri Shortcuts feature, also known as Suggested Shortcuts. With Siri Shortcuts, you create shortcuts for tasks that you do frequently by recording a phrase with Siri. Once you say that Phrase, your iPhone will perform that task or shortcut.

What Are Siri Shortcuts
When you perform a task on your iPhone, your iPhone will now remember this and suggest a shortcut to do it again. As an example, if you create new voice memos often, you could create a shortcut to open the Voice Memo app and start recording, all by telling Siri to ‘create a new voice memo’.

Accessing your Suggested Shortcuts
To see your Shortcuts, you go to the Settings app. In Settings, you need to go to Siri & Search. The first option is Siri Shortcuts. When you tap on My Shortcuts, you’ll see all the shortcuts that you’ve created.

Creating New Shortcuts from Suggested Shortcuts
Below your shortcuts you created, you’ll see Suggested Shortcuts. These are shortcuts that the iPhone is suggesting you create based on how you use your iPhone. Tap on All Shortcuts to see all the suggestions. To create a new shortcut from one of the suggestions, just tap on the ‘+’ to the right of the shortcut. From there you just need to record your phrase you want to say to start the shortcut. Once you record it, you just need to pull up Siri, say your phrase, and your shortcut will start.

Editing Your Shortcuts
To edit any of your shortcuts, just tap on My Shortcuts when looking at Siri & Search. You’ll see Edit in the upper right-hand corner to delete your shortcuts. To re-record a phrase for a shortcut, just tap on the shortcut.

Seeing a Specific App’s Shortcuts
If you want to see the shortcuts available for a specific app, open that app’s settings in the Settings app. Under Siri & Search is an option for Shortcuts. All the shortcuts you can create (suggested shortcuts) will be available in this setting.

See this lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, I show you how this all works in the video above.

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