Stocks App Settings

In this lesson for Tutor for the Stocks app on the iPhone, I look at the various settings the new Stocks app has on the iPhone with iOS 12.

Accessing Stocks Settings
To access the settings for the Stocks app, you need to open the Settings app on your iPhone. You can search for Stocks at the top of all the settings, or you can scroll down until you see ‘Stocks’.

Siri & Search Setting
This setting allows information from the Stocks app to appear in your search results when you look up something and the Lock Screen. Also, Siri may learn from and make suggestions based on how you use the Stocks app.

Also under Siri & Search, you will find Shortcuts. This is new in iOS 12 and it allows you to create a shortcut for common tasks, such as searching for a stock by using Siri. Tap on the ‘+’ to the right of a shortcuts suggestion to record a phrase and then whenever you say that phrase to Siri, the Stock app will look up the stock you created the shortcut for.

Background App Refresh
With Background App Refresh turned on, the Stocks app can update the stocks while the app is in the background.

Cellular Data
If you have Cellular Data turned on, your stocks app will use your iPhone cellular network to update the stock prices and news.

The Stocks app syncs all the stocks you are watching in your Watchlist with all of you other devices including the Mac if you are running macOS Mojave. If you do not want to have your Watchlist sync with your other devices, you need to tap on your Name at the top of the Settings. This is where you will find your iCloud settings including which services you’d like to use. Just make sure Stocks is turned on to sync or turned off to prevent syncing of your Watchlist.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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