Managing your Stocks Watchlist

In this lesson for Tutor for the Stocks app on the iPhone, I look at how you manage your stocks in the Stocks Watchlist in the new Stocks app on the iPhone with iOS 12.

Manage your Watchlist
To manage your Watchlist, which is the list of all the stocks you are watching, you tap on the three horizontal lines in the lower right corner of the Stocks app. When you do this, this will open your Manage Watchlist which is where you can add stocks to your Watchlist, delete stocks from your Watchlist, as well as reorder how your stocks are shown in your Watchlist.

Adding A Stock to your Watchlist
When managing your Watchlist, to add a stock you want to watch, you tap on the ‘+’ in the upper left corner. When you do this, the search field will show. Type in the company name or stock symbol. Once you find your stock you want to watch, you tap on the green ‘+’.

Deleting a Stock from your Watchlist
To delete a stock from your Watchlist, you just tap on the red ‘-‘ while managing your Watchlist. When you do this, you will then need to tap on the red ‘Remove’ to remove the stock from your Watchlist.

Reordering your Stocks in your Watchlist
To change the order of the stocks in your Watchlist, when you are managing your Watchlist, you drag either up or down the three horizontal lines to the right of the stock you want to move.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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