Viewing Stocks in the Today View

In this lesson for Stocks on the iPhone we look at how we can view stock information in the Today View on the iPhone and how we can access the Stock app from within the Today View.

Accessing the Today View
If you aren’t familiar with the Today view, the Today view shows you what is happening today through various widgets. As an example, the Calendar widget will show you today’s events. The Weather widget shows you today’s weather. There are a couple ways to access the Today view on your iPhone. If you are on your Home screen where all your apps are, you just swipe over to the right until you see your Today View. If you are in an app, you can pull down form the top to access your Notifications and then swipe to the right to get to your Today View.

Adding the Stocks Widget to the Today View
Once you are looking at your today view, if you scroll all the way to the bottom, you’ll see Edit. Tap on this to edit your widgets including adding the Stock widget. All the widgets that are not included in the Today view are located at the bottom under More Widgets. Tap on Stocks if it is not included. Once it is included you can reorder where it is in the Today view by dragging the three lines on the right of the Stocks name in your list. When you are finished, just tap Done in the upper right corner. You’ll now see Stocks in your Today view.

Viewing Stocks on the Widget
When you are looking at the widget, it only shows two stock by default, To see more stocks tap on Show More in the upper right corner of the Stocks widget. Just like with the Stocks app, we can see the stock price and we can also see if it is up or down by the color shown. In the color box is going to be a number which is one of three things – amount the stock is up or down today, percentage it is up or down today, or market cap. Tap on the number to change it. If you tap on the stock symbol itself, the iPhone opens the Stock app.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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