Recording, Deleting, and Sharing a Voice Memo

In this lesson for Voice Memos on the iPhone we look at how to record a voice memo as well as naming it, deleting it, and sharing your voice memo.

Finding the Voice Memo App
By default, the Voice Memo app is located in a folder on your iPhone. This folder is called Extras. It’s usually located the second home screen, so if you swipe over to the left on your Home screen, you’l see this folder. You can also search for it by swiping down fro the top of you iPhone.

Creating A Voice Memo
To create a voice memo all you need to do is press the big red button. Once you do that, the iPhone will start recording. You can see how much time the recording is by looking at the display. To stop a recording, you press the red button again. To play it, you press the Play button on the left.

Naming a Voice Memo
When you are satisfied with your recording, you tap on Done. This will prompt a display to popup asking you to name the recording. Once you name it, your recoding will show in your list.

Deleting a Voice Memo
To delete a Voice Memo, you tap on the memo in your list. You’ll see a few options show below the voice memo. Tap on the Trash icon on the right to delete a voice memo.

Sharing a Voice Memo
When the voice memo is selected in your list, the share icon will show on the left below the voice memo title. Tap on this to see all your sharing options.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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