Adjusting Sound Quality with the Equalizer

In this lesson for iTunes on the Mac, we look at how we adjust the sound quality in iTunes using the equalizer.

iTunes has a built-in equalizer that allows you to adjust the sound quality of whatever you are listening to. The equalizer works on all the different media types including music, movies, podcasts, and audiobooks. You can also use built-in presets as well as create and save your own presets.

Opening and Using the Equalizer
To open the equalizer, go to the menu bar, and under Window, you’ll see an option for Equalizer. When you select this, a new window will open with all of the equalizer controls including the presets.

The first thing you’ll want to do is turn it on. After you turn it on, just drag the sliders around to adjust the sound quality. The controls on the left change the bass while the controls on the right change the treble.

You can also adjust the overall volume by sliding the preamp slider up and down. Moving it up makes whatever you are listening to louder while moving it down makes it quieter.

Using Presets
To select a preset just click on the drop down above the equalizer controls. When you select this, you’ll see a number of pre-defined presets. The equalizer controls will move to show you what the presets affect. You can then modify the controls further after selecting a preset.

To save a preset, select the drop-down menu again, and at the top of the menu that open, you will see Make Preset. When you select this, you can name your preset, and it will now show as an option in all your presets. To edit the list, select Edit List.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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