Sharing your Playlists in Apple Music

In this lesson for iTunes on the Mac, we look at how we share our playlists in Apple Music in iTunes on the Mac as well as how we search for people to follow. We also look at how we manage our playlists that we are sharing with our followers.

Sharing Playlists with Follower in Apple Music
To share a playlist for people to follow, you select the playlist you want to share. When it is selected, there is an option for ‘Publish in Profile and in Search’ below the playlist name. Select this to share the playlist.

Accessing your Apple Music Profile
To manage all the playlists you are sharing, you need to go to the ‘For You’ section. This is located below the display and toolbar in iTunes. When you select this, you will see your avatar to the right. Click on this avatar to access your Apple Music profile and manage the playlists you are sharing.

You will see your name and profile on the left. The profile is what people will search for in the iTunes search if they want to follow what you are sharing. You can click on the three dots or ellipsis to share your profile as well.

Setting Follow Restrictions
You can set if you everyone to follow you or if you want to approve people. You’ll see this option to the right of your profile. If you select that you want to approve people, when someone wants to follow you, you’ll have to approve them before they can see your playlists.

Managing Playlists your are Sharing
Below your profile will be your playlists you are sharing. To set what you want to share, you click on Edit. Now you can click on each playlist to set it up for sharing. You’ll see a checkmark in the lower left corner if the playlist is being shared.

Finding People to Follow
If you know the profile name of someone in Apple Music, you can type that into the search field to see what they are sharing.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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