Asking Siri to Remind You

In this lesson for Reminders for the Mac, we look at the various ways we can use Siri to add reminders.

Adding Reminders with Siri
You do not have to have the Reminders app open to add a reminder using Siri. To access Siri, you click on Siri on the right side of the menu bar, you can also tap the Function key twice on your keyboard. Once Siri is listening, you just ask Siri to create your reminder. As an example you could say “Remind me to get gas”.

Setting a Default List for Reminders added by Siri
By default, Siri adds the Reminder to your Default List. To set which list is your default list, you open the Reminders app and under Reminders in the menu bar, you’ll see Default List. Select the list under this menu item that you’d like Siri to add your reminders too.

Adding a Reminder to a Specific List using Siri
You can also tell Siri to add a reminder to a specific list. Just say something like “Add eggs to my grocery list”. Siri all then add your reminder to the specified list.

Adding a Due Date or Location to a Reminder using Siri
To add a Due Date or Location to a reminder, just tell Siri using something like “Remind me to get new shoes when I get to Gazelle Sports”. Siri will then create a reminder in my default list and it will alert me when I get to Gazelle Sports. You can also tell it to remind you on a certain date and time. As an example, you could say “Remind me to wash my car on Friday at 10 AM.”

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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