Working with Lists

In this lesson for Reminders on the Mac we look at how you work with lists, including how you can move a Reminder from one list to another, rename a list, share a list, and view all your scheduled Reminders in a list.

Creating Reminders and Moving them in our Lists
The lists where you store your reminders are located on the left side of the Reminders app. When you add a reminder, you first select which list you want to add the reminder too. You can also drag a reminder from one list to another if you created it in the wrong list or want to place it in another list.

Renaming Lists and Opening a List in a Separate Window
To rename a list you control-click on the list (hold down the control key while clicking on the list). When you do this, you’ll see Rename. You’ll also have the option to open the list in a separate window. You can also double click on a list to open it in a new window.

Hiding the Sidebar
To hide the sidebar your Reminders lists are shown, you just go to the right edge of the sidebar and you will see the cursor change. Just drag this to the left to hide the sidebar. You an also drag it to the right to make the sidebar larger. You can also hide the sidebar by going to View in the menu bar.

Creating Lists
To create a list, you click on the ‘+’ in the lower left corner of the sidebar.

Sharing Lists
If you move your cursor to the right of a list name, you will see the ‘Share’ appear. Click on this to share your list with someone else.

Scheduled List
The Scheduled list shows you all of your reminders that are scheduled. When you create a reminder you can schedule it to show on a date or to alert you on a date. You an view all those reminders in the Scheduled list.

Default List
If you use Siri to create a reminder, Siri will place that reminder in your default list. To select which list you want to use as your default, you go to Reminders in the menu bar and select Default List. Then select the list you want your reminders to default to.

Deleting a List
To delete a list you can swipe the list to the left or control-click on it.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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