Including the Pointer in a Screenshot

In this lesson we look at how we can add a pointer to our screenshots with the Grab app. We also see how we can enable sounds for the Grab app.

When you take a screenshot using the Grab app, by default it does not add a pointer. Also, when you use key commands to take screenshots, there is no pointer. How do you add a pointer to highlight what you are taking a screenshot of? We set this up by going to the Preferences of the Grab app.

Grab App Preferences
To get to the Grab app Preferences, you select Grab in the Menu Bar, and then you’ll see Preferences. Elect this and you’ll see a new window open. In this window you’ll have different options for a pointer. You can also set if you want to have the Mac make a sound when it takes a screenshot. Just select the pointer you want, and then go back to Capture under the Menu Bar. Elect the type of screenshot you’d like to take, and the Grab app will add the type of pointer you selected when it takes a screenshot. So you want to make sure you position your mouse where you want when you select a pointer, as this is where the pointer is going to be positions.

See this lesson in Action
If you want to see how to take screenshots in action using the Grab app, I show you how this all works in the video above.

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