Selections and Timed Screenshots

In this lesson, we look at how we use the Grab app to make a selection for a screenshot as well as how to do a timed capture.

Taking a Screenshot of a Selection with the Grab App
Let’s first look at how to take a screenshot of a selection with the Grab app. Make sure your Grab app is open (if it is not, you’ll find it in your Utilities folder in the Applications folder). Once you have it open, go to Capture in the Menu Bar. You’ll see Selection.Just select this and then make your selection. Once you are done with your selection, the Grab app will open your new screenshot. From there you can save it, delete it, and set the file type.

Taking a Timed Screenshot with the Grab App
Now let’s look at timed screenshots. With a timed screenshot, you start the timer and then 10 seconds later, the Grab app will take a screenshot of your display. This is great for capturing a screenshot as you are doing something. I’ll use it to capture a screenshot of a menu selection as an example. I start the timer and then 10 seconds later, after I have my menu selected, the Grab app will then take a screenshot of what I am doing on the screen. You can see this in action in the video above.

To do this go back to ‘Capture’ in the Grab app Menu Bar and and then select ‘Timed screen’. A dialog window ill open, from there select ‘Start timer’. When you do that, the Grab will start a time, you have 10 seconds to set up what you want a screenshot of. When it takes the screenshot, it opens it in the Grab app and from there you can save it and set the file type.

See this lesson in Action
If you want to see how to take screenshots in action using the Grab app, I show you how this all works in the video above.

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