Search and Voice Memo Preferences

In this lesson for Voice Memos on the Mac, we look at how we search our voice memos, and we also look at the various settings or preferences we have for the Voice Memos app on the Mac.

Searching Voice Memos
To search for a specific voice memo, you just go to the top of the sidebar on the left, you’ll find the Search field above all your voice memos. Type in what you are searching for and the results will show below the search field.

Accessing Voice Memo Settings or Preferences
To access your Voice Memo settings including how soon you want to clear your deleted voice memos, the audio quality of your voice memos, and if you’re going to use location-based naming, you need to open the Preferences window. To do this, go to the menu bar, and under Voice Memo, you’ll find Preferences. Select this, and the Preferences window will open.

Clear Deleted
The Clear Deleted preference sets how soon your voice memos will be erased after you delete them. By default it is set for 30 days, so you’ll have 30 days to recover any voice memos you delete before it is erased permanently.

Audio Quality
The audio quality setting sets the audio quality while recording a voice memo. If you select Lossless, your voice memo will not have any compression in them, and the quality will be higher, but also the file sizes will be larger as well. So if you sync your voice memos with your iPhone or your iPad, you may want to choose Compressed for smaller file sizes.

Location-based Naming
When Location-based Naming is selected, the Voice Memo app will name the voice memo automatically based on your location. You can always rename it later.

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