A closer look at the Apple Menu

In this lesson for macOS Mojave on the Mac, I look at the Apple Menu and the different options we have in the Apple Menu.

Location of the Apple Menu
The Apple Menu is always located in the upper left corner of your display and is always available. It does not matter which app you are in, you will always have access to the Apple Menu.

Apple Menu Features
The Apple menu gives you access to various features of the Mac, and as I stated above, these are always available to you.

  • About this Mac: This will open a window showing you various information about your Mac including which macOS you are using, the serial number, storage options, and support options.
  • System Preferences: This opens the System Preferences, which is where you can set the default behavior of your Mac.
  • Mac App Store: This will open the Mac App Store app.
  • Recent Items: This will show you your recent apps that you’ve opened and recent documents you’ve opened. You can select any one of them to open them again.
  • Force Quit: Select this to open a window showing all your open apps. From there you can select any one of the apps and force quit them. When you force quit them, the app does not save any changes.
  • Sleep: Select this to put your Mac to sleep.
  • Restart: This will restart your computer.
  • Shutdown: This will shut down your Mac.
  • Lock Screen: This will lock your screen. When you select this, to unlock the screen again, you’ll need to enter your Mac password.
  • Logout: This will log the mac out of the current user. When you select this, you will be brought to a screen where all your users are lists, and you can choose the user account you want to open.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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