Working with Save Dialog Boxes

In this lesson for macOS Mojave, I look at the save dialog sheet on the Mac. The Save Dialog Sheet is where we decide which folder we want to save or documents in on the Mac.

Accessing the Save Dialog Sheet
When you save a document, in most cases you will see a sheet drop down from the document. This sheet has various tools to help you save your document. At the top will be the name of the document, below that will be a field where you can enter tags for the document.

Switching between a Simple View and Detailed View
The Save Dialog Sheet Has two different views, a simple view and a more detail view with more tools. To switch between these two views, click on the icon that has an arrow to the right of the folder name that is a dropdown.

Simple View
The Simple View has a field for the name of the document and below that will be where you can enter tags for your document. Below that is a dropdown where you can traverse through the selected folder.

Detailed View
With the Detailed View, you have more tools available. Below the tags will be a toolbar. This toolbar has some of the same tools as a Finder window including two arrows to go back and forth between recent folders. There is also an icon with the view of your files and folders. This also allows you to group your files. From there you will see a dropdown, this dropdown will let you traverse there your folder. And lastly, you have Search. Below that you have the standard sidebar, you can select a folder to save your document from this sidebar, You can also open folders to the right of the sidebar.

Blue Button
When you are in the Save Dialog Sheet, you will see a blue button. Anytime you see this blue button, you can just hit the Enter key instead of click on the button. This also works outside of the Save Dialog Sheet.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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