A closer look at Menu Bar Extras

In this lesson for macOS Mojave on the Mac, I look at Menu Extras. Menu Extras are on the right side of your Menu Bar and give you access to extra features for the macOS and specific apps. It gives you access to features without having to have the app in the front, unlike Application Menus.

Menu Extra Location
Menu Extra’s are located on the right side of your menu bar and are always shown no matter which application you are currently working in. If you are in Pages and want to start recording a video with Screenflow, you can select the Screenflow Menu Extra and start recording, without having to have Screenflow be the frontmost app.

Menu Extra Features
The features that a Menu Extra depends on the Menu Extra you select. The Clock Menu Extra will show you the date as well when selected, the Sound Menu Extra will show you the volume and allow you to change the volume when selected.

Accessing Addition Options in a Menu Extra
Depending on the Menu Extra, you will have more features when you hold down the Option key and selecting the Menu Extra. The Sound Menu Extra gives you access to the sound output or speaker, but when you option-click on it, it also gives you access to the microphones you have connected to your Mac. Not all Menu Extra have additional options.

Moving a Menu Extra
To move a Menu Extra, just command-click (use the command key and click on the Menu Extra). When you do this, you can drag it around to move it. You can only move it to another location on the right side of your Menu Bar.

Removing a Menu Extra
To remove a Menu Extra, just Command-click on the Menu Extra you want to remove, then drag it off the Menu Bar. When you do this, it will be removed from your Menu Bar.

Adding Menu Extras
Menu Extras for macOS can be found in the preference panes of the System Preferences. The Sound Menu Extra is found int he Sound Preference Pane, the Display Menu Extra is located in the Displays Preference Pane. Not all Preference Panes have Menu Extras.

An applications Menu Extra is usually found in the app’s preferences, which is located under the Application name in the Menu Bar. If the app supports a Menu Extra, you can turn it on and off in the application preferences.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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