Selecting Documents and Folders

In this lesson for macOS Mojave on the Mac, I look at how to select files on the Mac, including selecting multiples in a series and selecting random files.

Selecting Files by Click-and-drag
One of the easiest ways to select multiple files on the Mac is by clicking-and-dragging with your mouse or trackpad. When you use this method, you’ll see a rectangle as you increase your select, any file or folder touched by the rectangle as you drag it around will be selected.

Selecting Multiple Files using the Shift-key
If you select a single file and then hold down the shift key and select another file, the Mac will select all the files inbetween those two files you selected. This method works great when you need to select files that are next to each other, just select the first file, hold the shift key, select the last file and all the files between those will be selected.

Selecting Files that are not next to each other
When you select a single file and hold down the option key, any file you select while holding down the option key, will also be selected. This method works great for selecting files that are not contiguous or next to each other.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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