Using Spring-loaded Folders


In this lesson for macOS Mojave, I look at how to use Spring-loaded Folders on the Mac. With Spring-loaded folders, when we move or copy a file by dragging it on to a folder, the folder will ‘spring’ open.

Using Spring-loaded Folders
To ‘spring open’ a folder, just drag a file or files on top of an existing folder. After a second or so, the folder will ‘spring’ open in a new window. From there you can drop the files, or you can place them on top of another folder and then that folder will ‘spring open.’ Using this technique, you can easily traverse through nested folders.

Turning Spring-loaded Folders on/off
If you do not want to use Spring-loaded folders, you can turn this feature off by going to your System Preferences. The settings are located in the Accessibility preference pane. What I recommend is to just search for ‘Spring’ in the search field of System Preferences. From the results, select ‘make mouse & trackpad easier to use.’ In the System Preferences, you will see Spring-loading Delay. Turn this off to turn of Spring-loaded folders.

Setting Spring-loading Folders Delay
You can also set the delay, or how fast the spring-loaded folders open by sliding the slider, in the accessibility preference pane, to the left or right.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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