Updated: Mac App Store

In this lesson for macOS Mojave, I look at the new Mac App Store, which has been completely redesigned in macOS Mojave.

Featured Apps and Collections
The App Store now has featured app with editorial as well as app collections. These new options will help you discover new apps that you may find helpful or fun.

App Updates
The App Store now only handles updates for apps downloaded through the App Store. In the past version of macOS, the App Store also handled updates for macOS. This is now handled through the new Software Update preference pane in System Preferences. To access the options for updates on apps downloaded through the App Store, select Preferences under App Store in the Menu Bar. A new window will open with a number of options.

Automatic Updates
When this is selected, the App Store will download and install any updates your apps have automatically.

Automatically Download Apps Purchased on other Mac Computers
When this is selected, if you purchase an app on another Mac computer that is using the same Apple ID for purchases, this computer will also download that app that you purchased.

Video Autoplay
When this is selected, if an app has a video preview in the store, the app store will automatically play it. The sound for the video will not play automatically.

In-App Ratings & Reviews
With this selected, you can help developers, and other users know what you think of an app by rating it and reviewing it in the App Store.

Require Password for Free Downloads
This option allows you to set what you want to happen when you download a free app. You can have it require a password, or save the password. When you save the password, you type in your password once, and then you will no longer need it for free downloads as it is saved in the App Store.

Require Password for Purchases and In-App Purchases
This option allows you to set if you want to require a password immediately when purchasing a second app, or if you want to allow an app to be purchased without a password within 15 minutes of purchasing an app in the App Store.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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